What you need to know about Apple’s Apple TV 4K streaming set-top box

Apple is launching a new set-up for its new Apple TV set-tops that is designed to compete with Amazon and Roku, according to a blog post on Apple’s website.

The company is announcing that it is launching the Apple TV4K streaming box, which it describes as a 4K Apple TV that will compete with Roku.

It will also offer “an intuitive user interface for all content”, the blog post says.

Apple has a long history of making its own hardware, and its products have been praised for their design.

Apple said in May that it had signed a deal with Apple to make the Apple Watch 2, which was released in December and is still being tested.

It also unveiled a new iPhone XS Max, which is currently on sale.

The new AppleTV is the latest Apple device to make its way to the Apple Store, which offers a variety of Apple products.

Apple’s first set-ups for the Apple App Store included a $1,000 Apple TV remote control that could be used to control various devices on the Apple television set-piece, and a $40 Apple Watch Sport with wireless charging, which allowed users to charge the watch with the power button.

Apple also launched a $100 Apple Watch app that was compatible with the Apple iPad Pro, iPhone X, and Apple TV, but only for the iPhone X.

The latest Apple TV and AppleTV4K set-tech products are the first to offer 4K video streaming, and it comes as Apple has faced increased competition from Amazon and Google.

Apple has been accused of losing out on video sales because of Amazon’s decision to stop selling video from its original Apple TV series, including its original hit series Apple TV.