How to watch the trailer for ‘Hannah Montana’ trailer in the theater

Trailer for Disney’s Hannah Montana is hitting the big screen, and it’s here to stay.

The film opens Friday in theaters.

But the trailer is set in the fictional town of Wigginton, which was created by the creators of the popular animated series and the first two seasons of the Disney Channel series.

The trailer includes some familiar familiar voices, such as Will Arnett, Meryl Streep, and Mark Wahlberg, along with a lot of funny moments.

But here’s a spoiler: The trailer is completely uncut.

It includes a scene from a scene in which the titular character says, “I’m gonna eat your heart.”

That scene, which has been in the movie for more than a decade, is not in the trailer.

The word “I” was changed to “you” to make the word “hannah” sound more like a female character.

This is the trailer that Disney released in September: