How Apple will get the Mac Pro to Apple store online

Apple is poised to launch its next-generation Mac Pro this fall.

But it won’t be an online shop.

It won’t have a storefront in Canada and will launch its first stores in North America and Europe later this year, two sources familiar with the matter said on Monday.

Apple, which announced the Mac Pros in late June, will make the product available to customers at its Apple retail stores in Canada, the U.S. and Germany, the sources said.

The online model will provide consumers with a way to get the new Mac Pro on the go, without having to lug around a huge Mac, the source said.

It will also offer some of the same features as Apple’s own online Mac Pro, such as a built-in monitor and wireless connection, two of the sources familiar at the company said.

Apple will sell the Macs directly to customers via its retail stores, rather than through Apple.

The retail store experience is also different than that of its online Macs, the people said.

Apple will not sell Macs through its online retail stores.

Apple has a very strong retail presence in Canada with over 1,500 stores in five provinces, including Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

The online store model is expected to open in mid-2018, with the first stores to open the following year, the two sources said, who asked not to be identified because the company was not ready to discuss details.

The first retail stores for the Mac are expected to be in the U, and the company has also been in talks with several other retailers, one of the people familiar with Apple’s plans said.

The sources declined to give specific locations or timeframes for opening.

Macs are also being sold in Germany, where Apple has been slowly expanding its Mac portfolio since late 2014.

In the U., Apple will sell a Mac Pro for $1,299, but that will be $200 less than what the company had previously offered.

The Mac Pro was originally announced in mid 2015 as a replacement for the Retina MacBook Pro and was meant to be the new standard for the mainstream notebook market.

But Apple delayed the Mac and made the Retinottic Pro instead, which it says is more capable of handling more work.

The new model features faster processors, more RAM and new USB-C ports that make it more compatible with other Apple products.

Apple has not announced pricing or release dates for the new product.

At least one of those people said the company is aiming for early 2018 for the first retail store for the next Mac Pro.

Other Apple plans include expanding its retail footprint in Europe.

The company has already opened an office in Dublin, Ireland, and plans to open a second in Paris in 2021, one source said, though the office hasn’t been named yet.

While Apple has no plans to launch Macs in North American stores, it has been working with other companies, including Dell, to open an Apple Store in Canada.

Apple has said it is looking to expand its presence in the country.

Apple said in a blog post in September that it would open a new Mac store in Canada in 2019.

Apple is expected, along with other major retailers, to begin opening its first Canadian stores in mid to late 2019.