Airpods to launch on April 20th?

Apple is set to release the Airpod on April 21st.

Apple has been working on a smartwatch, and now they’re making an earpiece.

Apple announced the Airpod at its Worldwide Developers Conference last week.

It’ll have a 7.2-inch screen, a 4G LTE band and will be powered by the AirPods’ new dual-core A11 chip.

It’s also a more affordable alternative to the AirPod, which comes in at $349 for the 4G version and $349.99 for the 5G version.

It looks like the Airpad 2 is a big improvement over the Air Pad 1, and we’re curious how it compares to the original Airpad.

Apple has also released a “beta” of its next iPhone to developers, and it’ll have an LTE band, too.

Apple also revealed the Airs 4G Wireless Earbuds, which are supposed to replace the current AirPod Earbud, but we don’t know if they’re as good as the AirPad 2.