Which species of animal crossing is best?

A video on the website of the International Federation of Animal Protection shows a cross between a raccoon and a rabbit, and also an owl and a cat.

The video, posted on Wednesday, has been viewed nearly 11 million times.

The crossing is one of the most common in the world, according to the organisation.

The International Federation for Animal Protection (IFAP), which campaigns for animal welfare, said the video showed “an extraordinary and dangerous animal crossing between two species”.

“These crossings are a serious violation of the international law, and a major risk to the health and welfare of animals in the wild,” said IFPP’s director of campaigns, Kate Fenton.

“The IFAAP strongly urges all pet owners to ensure that their animals are kept away from such crossings.”

While the video has drawn criticism, Ms Fenton said it was not the only animal crossing that was in danger.

She said there were “a lot of animal crossings in the US” but said the best way to protect the animals was to “take your time and to have a calm conversation with the person you’re crossing”.

“There’s no magic bullet, just talking to the person and being very understanding,” she said.

The crossing was also being filmed in Mexico, where authorities are trying to find the owners of the animals that crossed.

Animal rights activists say crossing animals between species is not just cruel, but also dangerous.

In 2016, an undercover video was released in the UK showing the killing of a baby pig in its enclosure by an owner who was allegedly afraid of the animal.

Since then, there have been at least 17 cases of animals being killed in animal crossings, according the Animal Welfare Board of Australia.

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