Which Apple AirPods will you get?

Apple AirPod Max, Apple AirSpeakers, and Apple CarPlay have all been discontinued, and many of Apple’s best-selling products are no longer supported on Android devices.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad models are also no longer compatible with most of the third-party apps that work on them.

Read moreApple also announced a new iPhone and iPhone 5s, with an 8-inch display and a Snapdragon 800 processor, and a 4G LTE model.

Apple announced a “small update” to its MacBook Air and Mac mini, but the updates to those devices were only for older Macs.

Apple also said it is launching a new Apple TV, which is expected to debut on April 3.

The Apple Watch Series 2, an upcoming smartwatch, will not be supported.

Apple also released a new version of macOS, and the Mac App Store has been updated with more than 2 million new apps.

Apple has also added support for virtual reality (VR) devices, which will allow users to watch Apple TV shows, movies, and other content while they are tethered to a VR headset.

The company has also introduced its AirPod earbuds, which are designed to provide more comfortable, comfortable earbud contact, and can be used with a headset, as well as the Apple Watch and Apple TV.

The next iPhone will be unveiled at its WWDC 2017 keynote on March 25.