How to write an ad about your dog

A day after Apple unveiled its new smartphone, the company’s new ad campaign will focus on how it makes its phones more affordable.

Apple said Tuesday that its new ad will start airing on local television and in the US, as well as online and in print.

The ad begins with a clip from an old movie that features an elderly woman wearing a wheelchair.

The elderly woman, wearing a red headband and a cane, is in her wheelchair with a baby dog.

The woman says, “You’re a dog.

You’re a companion to all the people I love.”

As the ad plays, the elderly woman can be heard saying, “It’s my dog.

It’s my companion.”

The ad will be followed by a photo of the elderly mother, and the caption reads, “I’m a dog who helps people.

I’m not a dog that helps myself.”

Apple said the ad campaign is part of the company “delivering a compelling message” about its products.

Apple did not specify what message the ad is supposed to convey.

Apple said it is not the first company to use a dog as a lead character.

Earlier this year, the ad agency for the movie “Frozen” used a dog to play a role in the film.