How to get a Apple iPhone 5c charger for $99.99

Posted October 10, 2018 03:14:52Apple is offering a bundle of two chargers, the first with a USB-C to USB-A plug and the second with an USB-T to USB3 adapter.

The latter includes a charger with an Apple logo on the back and an Apple charging logo.

The Apple charging accessory is compatible with any Apple product with a charging port, such as the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple TV, and Apple CarPlay.

While the Apple charging adapter is the cheapest option for charging an Apple device, the Apple Valley chargers are not cheap either.

For $99, you get the Apple Express charging dock and the Apple Vivid charging pad.

Thats a pretty good deal.

You also get a USB Type-C port, USB-P, an Ethernet port, and a mic.

You get all of that for just $99 and you get an adapter that is compatible both with Apple products and Apple accessories.

While there are some cheaper options out there, I would suggest going with the Apple charger over the Apple valley charger.

Both are pretty good quality and the charging port on the Apple chargers is really useful.

It is not the only USB-port adapter out there but it is one of the best.

Apple Valley has some really good reviews and I think they should get more reviews, especially considering the chargers price is pretty high.

I bought my iPhone 5C charger from and it has a $99 price tag.

The other option is from Amazon for $129.99.