How Apple’s customer service is not working

Apple has reportedly begun removing ads from its Apple Watch app and has begun phasing out support for its iPhone app.

The announcement comes just hours after Apple released a list of apps that Apple will no longer support and a statement from the company’s chief operating officer that he was stepping down.

Apple is also reportedly testing a new app that it said will “provide more direct, personalized support for Apple Watch, with more than 10,000 potential questions answered directly.”

It’s unclear whether the new app is Apple’s first attempt to tackle its customer service woes, which it says have led to a surge in “in-app purchases, which are more than twice the size of previous years.”

Apple said it plans to make a number of changes in the coming weeks, including “expanding the range of features, including more detailed information about Apple Watch and how to use it, as well as adding new features to the Apple Watch App and other third-party apps.”

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.