Apple update: iPhone XS and XS Max with 4K support hit store shelves

Apple’s newest iPhones are set to be released on Friday and will feature 4K displays, as well as a new wireless charging technology called Lightning.

Apple has not confirmed the new phones, but it is expected to be the first to launch with the new technology.

A new feature called “4K HDR,” which will allow users to see 4K content on their screens in full 1080p resolution, is expected.

It will be possible to upgrade your iPhone to 4K HDR by adding a third-party app, but the iPhone Xs and Xs Max will not be upgraded to 4X HDR.

The XS model will not support HDR 4K.

A third-parties application called Lightning, will be available to developers on iPhone X, and will be able to support HDR.

Apple announced the new iPhones at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Apple previously unveiled the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus last month.

The iPhone X will be the latest model to arrive, joining the iPhone 9, which will launch later this month.