Apple HomeKit Lets You Set Your HomeKit Home Screen to Play ‘Frozen’ and Other Movies

Apple is now letting HomeKit developers set their own HomeKit screen names, and they can be anything from “Mystery” to “Star Wars.”

Apple HomeKit lets developers create custom names for HomeKit devices, so users can name the HomeKit-enabled device their personal home screen.

Users can add any name, from “mystery” or “Star wars,” to customize the Homekit home screen, allowing users to easily share, manage, and play videos and music from their HomeKit compatible devices.

Apple says HomeKit is designed to make sharing and managing devices more convenient and fun.

Apple is also rolling out a new “Mysteries” HomeKit device, which lets users share videos from their devices to the web.

Users will also be able to choose a name for their own home screen or a custom name for the Home Kit device.

Users who want to create their own custom name can do so by visiting and entering the name they would like to create, or by entering their own name.

The Apple Home app now allows users to set their device’s home screen name, allowing them to name their device their own personal home screens.

Users need only enter the device’s name, which can be customized at any time.

Users can also share videos and songs to the Internet from the device.

The Home app will also let users create “mysteries,” HomeKit related devices, by visiting and entering their custom name.