Why Apple AirPods are such a terrible idea: Why Apple’s new AirPod would be even worse

Apple is apparently considering bringing an Apple Watch to the United States, a new report claims.

Bloomberg’s Sam Siegel reports that Apple has begun discussions with companies like Amazon, Nike, and Beats Electronics, but the company is also looking at partnering with Apple-owned Beats Electronics to bring Apple Watch hardware to the US.

Apple Watch and Apple Music, two of the company’s most popular music streaming services, would likely be supported, Siegel wrote.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has started to consider bringing an iPhone in the US, but is still trying to decide on a partner to bring a device.

Apple would need to get clearance from the Federal Communications Commission before bringing an operating system to the country.

The Apple Watch would have an “Apple logo” on the back and “A+” on each side.

It would be able to record audio from the Apple Watch’s microphone.

It also has a built-in accelerometer that can be used for music playback.

Bloomberg wrote that Apple is looking to “break through the US music and gaming markets” to make a larger profit.

The company has reportedly struggled to keep up with Apple’s rise in popularity in recent years, and the lack of competition from Samsung and others has hurt Apple.