Which Apple Watches are selling best for Christmas?

If you want to know which Apple Watch bands are selling the best, it’s hard to go wrong.

The top selling Apple Watch band is the Apple Watch Sport.

It’s the best selling Apple watch band in the UK for the year, according to data from the UK Retail Consortium.

It comes in at No. 3, behind only the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

In fact, it comes out at No 2 for the UK.

That means that it’s also the top selling band in Australia.

It came out No. 4 overall for the time being, though that’s likely to drop slightly in the coming months.

The Apple Watch Series 2 came in at the top of the chart in Australia, coming in at second.

The Apple Watch Style was No. 1, but its No. 5 spot was due to its higher price tag.

The Nike FuelBand was No 5, and it was No 6 overall.

While the Apple Sport was a very good performer in Australia this year, the Nike Fuel Band has dropped out of the top 20 for Australia.

That’s probably because of the higher price of the FuelBand.

It has a price tag of £150 ($185), which is around half the price of a comparable Nike Fuel band.

The other Apple Watch Band that’s been making the cut this year is the Band 2.

The Band 2 comes in as No. 9 overall, behind the Nike Watch Sport, the Apple Band and the Apple SmartBand.

The Band 2 has the most popular models in Australia: the Apple watch, the smartwatch and the smartband.

The smartwatch has the lowest overall sales, while the smartbands are the most successful overall.

If you want a good idea of what the top watch bands are worth in the market, the following charts have been created from a survey of thousands of customers.

This list also shows which bands are currently being offered by retailers.

If we’ve missed any of your favourite bands, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below.

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