When a New York City restaurant’s ‘Bees and Butter’ was an instant hit, the restaurant’s founder says

A New York restaurant is celebrating its first anniversary.

The Boneyard in Queens has been in business for about seven years, and its owner, Amy Tait, said she’s thrilled with the reception she’s received from customers.

“They say it’s been a blessing, and I think it’s because we’re just such a family,” Tait said.

Tait has been on the job for two years, which is why she didn’t have a background in restaurant management.

Instead, she worked at the restaurant as a bartender for two summers before becoming the owner.

It’s a long journey, she said, and the business is still struggling.

She said she was fortunate to work at a place where people could go out to the bar and eat, but not the restaurants.

So when she was approached to open the Boneyards in May, she decided to take it on.

Since then, the place has been a hit.

We’re trying to make sure that we’re a family restaurant, she added.

Her goal is to grow it to more than 400 locations, she noted.

At the end of June, the Bones were the number-one restaurant on the New York Times Bestseller List.

And Tait’s family is so proud of the success.

Amy Tait with her father, John Tait.

John said his son was one of the first in his family to start a business, and he always knew he wanted to be a restaurateur.

“He’s a very smart guy, a very bright guy,” John Tail said.

“And he really believes in his ideas, and so he really wants to make a difference.”

Amy Tai Tait (right) said she loves the attention the restaurant is receiving from customers, who come in with the same questions as her husband, who is a restaurateurs, to find out how their business is doing.

I am just happy to be back at work and have my family back with me, she continued.

A New York city resident, Tait was raised in the suburbs and moved to Queens when she attended Cornell University.

She studied hospitality management at NYU, and later became a bartender at a bar in Brooklyn.

After working as a barista at restaurants, she moved to Manhattan in 2003.

But when the Bally’s opened, she knew the place would be a success.

She said the first order of business was to find a good barista, and she said the Bullyys were among the first restaurants to hire her.

Now, she’s making sure the restaurant has an even better barista.

She added that she is trying to build a network of bartenders so the baristas at the Bays will know where to find the bartenders to do their jobs.

“You’ve got to have good bartenders, and that’s one of our challenges, and we’re working on that, too,” she said.