What to know about Apple Watch Series 3: Verizon Apple Watch

Apple Watch series 3 will ship in the US in March, Verizon confirmed to Business Insider.

Verizon said the watch is coming to the US beginning this month and will launch in Canada later this year.

Verizon’s announcement is notable for a number of reasons.

First, it comes as Apple Watch has gained a lot of traction, both among users and among media companies.

The company is not the only one looking to get into the market for a smartwatch, as other companies have been looking to capitalize on the popularity of Apple Watch.

The Verge previously reported that AT&T was working on a smart-watch version of the Apple Watch, but it wasn’t until Verizon’s statement that we knew that the watch was coming to Verizon.

Verizon is offering two models of the watch, one with the latest hardware, and another with a newer version of Apple’s Watch Series 2.

The older model will ship with a slightly smaller screen than the one Apple released for Series 3, and it will have an additional three-hour battery life.

We’ve also heard rumors that Apple will offer two more models, one for US and one for international customers.

It’s also possible that the second model will offer a higher price tag, but the US version will likely cost more.

The Apple Watch 3 will also come with a built-in microphone and Siri voice assistant, which Verizon says it will provide in the future.

We can’t tell if the watch will be wireless or not, but Verizon is also offering a range of third-party apps for the watch.

The Verizon Watch Series 4 will be released sometime in the spring, and Verizon is still working on its own apps.

In a similar vein to the Series 3 release, Verizon will offer both a smartcard reader and a smartlock for the device.

The third-generation Verizon Watch is expected to cost $199.99, which is still a lot less than the Series 2 model that was released earlier this year, but will include more hardware and software features than the current model.