The Apple Pie 2 is coming soon: What you need to know

Apple has announced a new, thinner version of its iconic Pie computer, but it’s a very different beast from the one we know today.

The new model will have a new CPU architecture, an enhanced touchscreen, a redesigned power and volume controls, and a new battery life that Apple says will be comparable to the new model, with a more than 30 percent improvement in performance.

The company’s not going to go into any details about the new version yet, but we can tell you that we’re very excited about it.

The Pie 2 won’t be the same as the Apple Watch.

But it will be just as awesome, if not more so.

Here’s what you need a little background on before you dive into this news: Apple Pie 1.0 is the company’s first Apple Watch, and it’s arguably one of the best-looking watches in history.

It also had a few big flaws, like its reliance on a battery, and the fact that the device was only available in a black version.

We still don’t know why Apple decided to change the look of the Apple watch, and we’re not sure how Apple is going to fix the problem when the new one arrives in January.

But the company has said that it’s working on a new version of the watch that’s “better, faster, and more battery-efficient.”

It will be thinner, with an internal battery that will last around four hours, and will have larger batteries for both the watch’s main display and the battery on the watch face.

The watch will also come with an app store, an Apple Watch app store app, and an Apple Pay app.

Apple’s also working on other new features for the Applewatch that aren’t part of the new watch.

For example, the company says that the new Apple Watch will support “iWatch-like functionality,” which could include automatic notifications when a notification comes in.

It will also support a new Apple Pay payment system.

There are also rumors of an upgrade to the Apple Pay system for the Watch, though the company hasn’t officially announced anything about it yet.

Apple is also adding a new color to the watch and adding a second color to watch faces.

Apple Watch Sport is Apple’s most popular smartwatch, and while the new two models are similar in design, the new models also offer different capabilities, including more features and a higher price tag.

The Apple Watch Series 2, the most recent model introduced last year, was also thinner than the Series 1, but the new versions have a bigger battery.

They’ll be the first Apple watches to feature a new chip and an entirely new display, which Apple calls the Retina Display.

It’s designed to make the Apple iPhone look good, and this new display has a bigger pixel density, so the new iPhones look more natural on a smartwatch.

The display is also brighter and brighter, with brighter white, white, and black.

The Series 2 is also smaller than the previous models, at just 10.5mm wide, compared to 15.5x11mm for the Series 2.

The smaller size also makes the Series 4, the newest Apple watch that launched last year and is now available, more convenient.

The screen is also a bit smaller, at 13.1mm, and its screen size is actually slightly larger than the AppleWatch Series 1.

The device also has a new speaker system, which is powered by a special, new chip that is designed to be thinner than other chips.

Apple said that the speaker system will be built into the device and that the speakers are more efficient than other speakers.

But there are some caveats: the device will not have an IR blaster, so you’ll need a third-party IR blaster for the device to work, and there will be no Apple Watch Face or Apple Pay support.

Apple says the new display is thinner than its previous models.

But we can’t confirm that this is true for sure, as there’s no official testing or even a full review of the screen yet.

The screens of the other two models will still be the best, with the Series 3, 4, and 5 being better in terms of overall size.

But you won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars more for the new Series 2 in order to get that screen.

Apple also says that this new AppleWatch model will be available “in early 2017.”

And while Apple doesn’t offer much info about what features the new device will bring to the table, it does say that the screen will be “more flexible and better able to display more content at one time.”

It also says it will “have faster battery life, improved performance, and higher quality sensors.”

It’s not clear whether the new iPhone will support all of these new features, but Apple is promising that it will.

So if you’ve been waiting for a new iPhone, it’s time to get excited.