How to get your new earpod out of your ear

If you’re not sure how to get the new Apple EarPods out of the EarPod, the first step is to remove the earpads from your earbuds.

To do this, pull the earbud out of its holder, and press the button on the side of the earpiece to detach the earphones from the ear canal.

This will release the earphone, and they’ll come out of their pouch on your ear.

Apple is still working on an iOS update that will allow for this to happen, so keep checking back to see if Apple has any new info on this.

Once the earplugs are removed, you’ll need to remove your earphones first, as well.

This requires a small screwdriver, which you can use to push the earpieces into the earhole.

If you’ve got a pair of Apple Earphones and are having issues, the easiest way to get them out is to use a small toothbrush to scrape off any extra earbeads.

After the earplug is removed, the new EarPOD is ready to go, so get them set up.

You’ll need a pair a new EarPod charger to use, as the EarPod has a USB-C port that will work with most USB-A devices.

If your EarPots are USB-B, you can buy a pair for just $39.99 at Amazon, and the adapter itself will cost you $10.