How to avoid the Apple gift card return policy

Apple has implemented a new policy on its Apple Arcade gift card to prevent people from using it for anything other than shopping and playing games.

Apple’s new policy is to ban users from using the gift card for any of the following:Apple Music subscriptionsApple WatchApple TV Apple PayThe Apple Arcade has already been removed from Apple’s online store, which has since been updated to reflect the new policy.

Apple has also made it a little easier to redeem gift cards for purchases, with an updated app for the Apple Watch and Apple TV that now allows you to add an email address for the card to be used.

Apple also added an option to disable gift cards altogether on the Apple TV, which is a nice addition for anyone who is currently shopping with the Apple card.

Apple says that the new Apple Arcade card will be in use until September 17.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment.