Apple’s iPad Air 4K is now cheaper than the iPhone 6S

Apple has announced that its new iPad Air series is now the cheapest in its lineup, with the company saying that the new models now cost just $100 less than the iPhones 6S and 6S Plus.

Apple’s new iPad Pros are now cheaper in their respective lineup, too.

The iPad Air line now costs just $90 less than Apple’s iPhone 6, $70 less than its $200 iPhone 6 Plus, and $30 less than $600 iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple says that the iPad Pro line is “about $150 less than last year’s iPad Pro, and a little less than two-thirds the price of the new iPhone 6.”

Apple’s iPad Mini is now more expensive than the iPad Air.

The new iPad mini is now $200 more expensive, with a $50 price cut, compared to last year.

Apple has also lowered the price for the iPad Mini 3, which it says is “now about $150 more expensive,” but also dropped the price on its iPad Mini 4.

The $100 iPad mini, meanwhile, has also seen a $15 price cut.

The new iPad is available now from select retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon, and Best Buy Mobile.