Apple and Samsung say ‘goodbye’ to Apple TV, Apple TV 2, and other products

By now, everyone has seen the Apple TV’s announcement that it will no longer be selling the old Apple TV model, but there was a bit of a catch: it will still be available as a “special edition” with the new TV hardware.

Apple says it will have the new Apple TV hardware at launch, but the software will be updated to “allow customers to enjoy the full Apple TV experience with the most advanced features available to Apple users.”

That means the new product will have to compete against the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, which will all be available for preorder and preorder only.

The new Apple-branded model will also have an Apple logo on the front.

The announcement came a day after Apple’s annual WWDC keynote in which the company announced the addition of a new Siri feature that allows customers to set up Siri-enabled services and “use the voice and touch capabilities of Siri to make the most of the new iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, and iPhone X. The company also announced that its App Store will be revamped, with a new Apple icon and new features like new recommendations for apps and movies.

In addition, the company will be adding a “Best of 2017” section, with “apps you’ll love” and “apps to avoid.”

The new feature is not yet available to preorder, but will be available on January 21, and is priced at $49.99.

Apple is also making some minor changes to its TV lineup.

The Apple TV 3 will be the first Apple TV with built-in support for a new 4K resolution, and the Apple XS3 will be “the first Apple Xs TV,” which is basically the same thing, but with a different color scheme.

It is expected to launch in January, with the Apple XD model coming out in January of next year.

The next model will likely be the Apple Cinema TV, which is likely to come out sometime in February.

Finally, Apple will be rolling out its new Apple TVs on January 28th, and they will likely have new and better specs than the TV 3.