Why Apple Watch 3 is ‘the best’ for Apple News

Apple has been working on a new app for Apple Watch owners, and now the company has announced it’s going to launch a version of the service for iPhone owners.

AppleInsider reports the new Apple Watch app will let users search for the most recent Apple News stories and subscribe to the company’s new iPhone app, which includes Apple News and other Apple products.

The new app, called Apple Watch News, will be available in the Apple News app on iPhone and Apple TV on September 12.

It will be free to download for iPhone users, and there will be a $10 monthly subscription fee to get access to the app.

Apple Watch users will also be able to read Apple’s own Apple News.

The app will also include a number of other Apple content, including a “favorite of the day” section, “best deals” section and a “daily deals” tab.

Apple’s iPhone app was released on September 14 and the Apple TV app was also released on the same day.

Apple is reportedly working on Apple Watch updates to address various issues that some users have had with the new iPhone interface.

In addition to the new iOS 7 interface, Apple has also been working to improve the Apple Watch experience and improve Apple News integration.