Which iPhone App is the Best Apple Store App?

AppleInsider is proud to announce our latest Apple Insider Top 100 iPhone App rankings!

As we continue to push AppleInsiders ratings towards AppleInsane, we’ll be posting a weekly roundup of the best iPhone app rankings for every app category that we track, along with our overall top 50 app rankings.

The Top 100 apps on iOS are listed below:AppleInsider Top 100 iOS App RankingsApple Insider Top 50 iPhone App RankingsiPhone App Rankings (app category) Apple Insider iOS App Ranking (app name) AppleInsist iPhone App Ranking for iPhone and iPod touch AppleInsistance Top 50 iOS App Ranks for iPhone, iPad, and iPod TouchAppleInsist Top 50 iPad App Rankings for iPad AppleInsister Top 50 Mobile App Rankingsfor iPhone, iPod touchAppleInsisterTop 50 Mobile Apps for iPhone & iPad AppleiPhone App Ranking AppleiPhoneApp Ranking (category)AppleiPhoneApp Rank for iPhoneAppleiPhone App Rank for iPadAppleiPhoneapp Rank for iPod touchThe Top 50 apps in the AppleStore are listed above.

AppleInsiders top 50 iPhone app ranking for iOS devices is based on ratings submitted to AppleInsights on the Apple Insider App App for iOS.

For iOS devices with iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, and iPhone X, we also include a review score.

If you’re a Mac user and are using the Mac App Store, please see this article to see how to submit your ratings.

AppleiOS 10.4.3 is available for download now.

It adds a new feature called the “AppleStore” and a new App Store category for the iPhone.

iOS 10.5.2 adds the new “Music” category, and iOS 10 and above includes a new “Weather” category.

We’ve also released an updated iOS 10 beta to iOS 10 users, and you can download it for free at the link below.

We’ll continue to update the list of the top iPhone app ratings as we add new iPhone app categories, iPhone app names, and new App Stores.