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Iforgot Apple announced its iPad PRO tablet on Tuesday, the company’s new iPad pro will get a new version of its new mobile platform that will include more powerful processors and graphics.

Apple introduced the iPad pro in January and the new tablet has been widely hailed as the best-selling iPad ever.

The iPad Pro has more storage than any other iPad, comes with a faster processor and an iPad mini that is nearly a full size iPhone 6.

Iforgut said the new iPad will have a faster quad-core processor and will have twice the memory.

Apple has been working on a new tablet that will compete with the iPad pro.

The company has been rumored to be working on its own tablet called the iPad Pro, which would compete with Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. If you want to get your hands on one of those devices, you will have to wait a bit longer, as Apple has announced it will launch a tablet called Apple Watch Series 5 on April 22.

Apple Watch Series 6 is the first of Apple’s watches to come out with the same hardware as the current Apple Watch, with the Apple Watch Pro and Apple Watch Sport Series coming out in June.

The Watch Series 7 is expected to launch in late June.

Apple also has announced that it is expanding its wireless charging capabilities with the introduction of the Apple AirPods.

Apple will launch an iPhone AirPod and a smart watch that has a Bluetooth connection for AirPads, Apple Watch Band 2 and Apple Pay in the U.S.

Apple is also adding a smart speaker to its Apple Watch lineup.

Apple Watch Edition will come with the new Apple AirPod and a new AirPigment, which is a speaker that will allow the user to hear the audio of the AirPoint without having to plug the device into a jack.

Apple is also working on the Apple EarPods, which will have new Apple EarPod EarPads and new Apple Music-style Beats Audio speakers.

Apple announced the Apple TV 4 in December and will launch the new television in the first quarter of 2018.

The Apple TV has been available for $349, a much cheaper price than its rivals such as Amazon Prime, and will be available in 50 countries.

Apple also unveiled its first television tuner.