When Apple cancels your account, you’re out of luck

Apple says it plans to cancel accounts for customers who cancel a phone number for any reason, including for no reason at all.

The announcement comes days after Apple said it would end its iCloud service on Tuesday after its latest troubles.

The company is in the process of canceling all accounts for people who had purchased an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6S or an iPhone 6 or iPhone SE on Sept. 20, and the latest sign of trouble came after the company said customers could no longer use its services.

If you are canceling your iCloud account because of a non-technical reason, you can still get your iCloud service back.

Apple says customers who had their iCloud accounts terminated for non-tech reasons, including fraud or for nonpayment, can return them for an undisclosed amount.

However, if you have not yet returned an account, the company says you must wait until the next billing cycle.