‘I think it’s a good day for America’: Trump vows to ‘bring back jobs’

President Donald Trump vowed on Monday that he will “bring back millions of jobs” if he is re-elected in November.

Trump told Fox News that his administration would bring back jobs if he wins re-election, telling host Greta Van Susteren, “If you can’t bring those jobs back, that’s a very, very good day.”

“And if you can bring them back, we’re going to bring those millions of workers back,” Trump said.

“So I think it is a good thing,” Trump added.

He also spoke to Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, who said the administration “could do a lot more” on bringing back jobs.””

If they don’t bring them in, then we’ll bring them down.”

He also spoke to Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, who said the administration “could do a lot more” on bringing back jobs.

“You know, if you look at manufacturing, you can see how much we could do a little bit more.

We could do things like, ‘Oh, we could bring those back, I think, to a degree,’ ” she said.

“It’s not going to happen.”

“We’re not going anywhere,” Trump continued.

“We’re going where we’re supposed to be going, bringing the jobs back.”

Trump on Monday, while speaking at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, said he will continue to fight against “people that want to destroy our country and our people.”

“I’m fighting against the people that want us to do the things that we need to do,” Trump told a crowd.

“But I will say this, I will fight for you.

I will not give up.”

He added, “I know what you’re saying, but I will tell you, if they come after me, I am going to fight them to the death.”

Trump also addressed the controversy over a report that he called an “obstruction of justice” to President Jeff Sessions by firing FBI Director James Comey.

“I think we should be looking at it like an obstruction of justice.

I think we can all agree that, at the end of the day, the FBI was doing their job.

And I’m not going down the path of doing that,” Trump argued.

Trump has been under fire for his handling of the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s contacts with Russia.

Trump said he fired Comey after it became clear he was not personally involved in the investigation, and he said that it was “disgraceful” that Comey “went out of his way to give information” to Congress in his letter to Congress.

“He’s an honorable man.

I like his job.

I have tremendous respect for him,” Trump asserted.

“I’m not in a position to comment on any specific investigation.”

“But I have no doubt in my mind that I was not in any way involved in any of that.

He was a very honorable man,” he added.”

And I have nothing to do with the investigation,” he said.