How to make sure your iPad doesn’t get an iCloud password leak

Apple has announced a new security feature for its iPad that it says can prevent users from being accidentally logged in to their iPads using the service.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Apple said it’s rolling out a new feature to the service, known as iCloud Password, which allows users to set up a “security zone” to restrict the access of others.

That means the user can only log in to the iPad with the security zone enabled.

To do that, Apple says users can create an iCloud account, sign in with their Apple ID and password and use that login to log in and access the device.

This means that users cannot log in with the same Apple ID on multiple devices and that any devices they log into will show the same password.

For users who want to limit access to their devices, Apple has created a new setting that can be set to “no password” and users will have to log into the device with a new iCloud account.

Apple says the feature will also allow users to control access to certain services.

If a user uses a “no-password” iCloud account to log on to an iPad, they can set a “password” for that account and access any service or application, including Apple Mail, Photos, Messages, iTunes, Maps and other services.

Apple said this new feature, dubbed “no authentication” in Apple’s blog post, will help protect against accidental logins, but users will also be able to set their own personal passwords.