How to buy Apple AirPods max for $400,000

Apple AirPod max is the latest model to hit the market and it’s going to sell for $399 on Amazon, a price cut that’s the most significant price cut Apple has offered since it announced it would start selling them in the US. 

While the new model’s price tag might not seem as steep as a full-size Apple Air, it is considerably more expensive than the iPhone 7S or the iPhone 8.

“Apple has created an extremely compelling, yet affordable, model that offers a premium audio experience in a compelling package,” says Jeff Johnson, senior analyst at research firm Canalys.

“The price premium is a welcome one and we’re confident it will translate to sales in the $400-plus price range.”

Johnson says that while Apple may not be selling a new AirPod, it will be able to bring back the line as a limited edition.

Apple has also dropped the price of the current model to $399, and if you’ve already ordered one, you’ll still get the $399 discount on Amazon.

But even though Apple has reduced the price, Johnson says the overall retail value of the AirPod is still not high enough to justify a full price cut.

“If you are a regular user, you might not be able afford to get rid of it, especially if you’re a fan of Beats Audio,” Johnson says.

So, while the new AirPOD is a significant price reduction, Johnson warns that if you decide to get one, it might not justify its high price.””

Apple will likely offer another bundle of accessories to bring that value down even further.”

So, while the new AirPOD is a significant price reduction, Johnson warns that if you decide to get one, it might not justify its high price.

“The Apple Air Pod may be a great upgrade to your existing phone, but you’ll need to keep the same phone for at least one year to get value from it,” Johnson adds.

“That’s not the case with the new iPhone 8 or the next Apple iPhone.”

Johnson says the price will likely increase as the new models roll out.

Apple will sell an expanded lineup of accessories that will include new earphones, earphones and speakers, with the most expensive accessory expected to be a pair of earphones.

According to Johnson, the $50 price drop for the new EarPods and the $60 price drop on the new Beats EarPears will make the price point of a pair at the $299 price point much more palatable for those who are looking to spend more.

“With Apple’s current strategy of focusing on higher-end smartphones, the price cut will allow it to keep its price point up in the low-end segment,” Johnson writes.

“We think this will allow the Apple Air to compete with the iPhone and iPhone 8 in a significant way.”

Apple plans to release the new Apple Air next week, but there is no exact date yet for when it will begin to hit stores.