Apple won’t release new apple cider donut flavors

Apple’s apple cider doesn’t have a new apple flavor just yet, but the company will soon be releasing two new flavors.

Apple’s new apple-infused flavor, Apple Cider Sweet & Sour, will debut in the Apple Ciders & Liqueurs line at participating retailers.

Apple Cider Tendermint and Apple Cides, also available at participating stores, are also coming soon to Apple’s online store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke about the new flavors in an interview with AppleInsider.

Cook explained that the new flavor will not replace the company’s signature apple cider, which is sold through the company-owned stores.

Cook also said that Apple will release a third apple flavor to replace the “candy” apple flavor in the future.

Apple is not the first company to release a new flavor in its lineup.

The company has made other apple cider offerings in the past, including the original Apple Cids, Apple Citrus and Apple Cinnamon.

Apple is not alone in its experimentation with new flavors, as companies including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Starbucks have also experimented with new apple flavors.